Everyone is in the depths of gift shopping right about now as the holidays approach. There is always {THAT} one person who is hard to buy for and has you stumped. My list is full of ideas for everyone on your list. These are some of my favorites this year that I hope spark an AH-HA! moment for the loved ones on your list.

GUYS: Spices & dry rubs from local shop with a grill mitt, masculine apron or chef hat

LADIES: Subscription to The Magnolia Journal with a beautiful baking dish or Charcuterie board


BOYS: Baseball Cap along with an item of the sport {i.e. Twins cap & a baseball, Carolina Panthers cap & a football, skater brand cap & Converse High Tops or a skateboard}

GIRLS: Sleepover Kit {Any combination of: paper lanterns, pinwheels, fun paper straws, matching cups, iTunes gift card for dance music, soda pop, chips, candy & bubble gum, ice cream sundae ingredients, Mad Libs, items for manicures & facials, scavenger hunt list}


Bear Stays Up for Christmas by: Karma Wilson – Sweet story of Bear and his friends celebrating Christmas as Bear fights to stay awake in the midst of his hibernation

Say Hello by: Rachel Isadora – A story of beautiful diversity as Carmelita walks through her neighborhood and teaches us Hello! in 8 different languages

The Mitten by: Jan Brett – A classic about wild animals finding warm refuge in a child’s lost mitten full of delightful illustrations


A Series of Unfortunate Events series by: Lemony Snicket


The Puppy Place series by: Ellen Miles


Start a Lego Christmas Village: Giving a piece each year. You can find {limited time only} items online. I got this idea from my sister and her family. Note: Keep pieces together and in a bin off season – that way you don’t have to go through the pain of putting them back together every year.

Christmas PJ’s: For the kids each year. I buy them for my boys and nephews every year! Perfect photo ops!

Something to Wear, Read, Want & Need: A lot of people are liking this new idea that someone {not me!} came up with for kids. My oldest is to an age where he doesn’t want much for toys but not old enough for more electronics. My youngest wants toys but doesn’t need any. So, this is a great way for us to give to them this year. The idea is that they each get 4 gifts to open – one for each category. Works out nice with a perfect balance for all.

P.S. The gorgeous, incredibly soft blanket scarf in my photos above is from Target in the “Dollar Spot” for $7! Perfect for any teen or lady in your life!