My name is Heather Blanchette. I am a wife & mother of 2 boys, ages 8 & 10. We live on the outskirts of suburbia Minneapolis. I work part-time outside the home – and am still a full-time mama. I was born and raised here in Minnesota in a beautiful, loving family that is now spread across the United States.

The thing I love to do the most is cook. I like trying new recipes, tweaking them and making them my own. I love cooking for others. I always say, “There are not many things I can do well. But one thing I can do, is feed people.” I love to feed people at happy times, I love to feed people at sad times, I love to bring people together to celebrate, I love to comfort people when they are going through something hard. I just love to cook. It is not only the cooking part of it, it is also the nourishing others bodies and souls with good, homemade food. And I want to be a cookbook author when I grow up.

But that ‘s not all. I love to tend to our vegetable garden. I love a fun crafty project. Photography is kind of a side hobby of mine. Planning a party is fun for me. I love piecing together old and new items to decorate a home. We are a family that is crazy about movies. I have been known to totally obsess on binge watching a show. And traveling feeds my soul.